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Singing with the Boston Pops

My goodness! What a whirlwind. My vocal group Syncopation performed on the Esplanade as part of a grand 4th of July tradition here in Boston, the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. You can see one of the songs we did on line at WBZ TV.  Here is the link: And a news article about the performance:

New Syncopation Video

Here is a new YouTube video of the band singing "But Not For Me." This is one of our newest a cappella charts and we have been having a great time. When you don't have a band backing you up, you really have to concentrate on SWING! From a show at David Friend Recital Hall at Berklee on March 30 (the date on the video is wrong).

Finals are history!

Finals at Berklee are finally over, and it's time to take a little vacation and work on some things I've been mulling about in my head. Going to be doing some experimentation with live electronic vocal processing, maybe try it out at an upcoming show. Hope to do some writing, and learning a few new Syncopation charts. And find the time to exercise, play basketball, and meditate.

Acton Jazz Café with Syncopation

Awesome show at Acton Jazz Café! The seating was sold-out before the show even started -- standing room only. The AJC patrons are a little different than at other places. They are so eager and attentive and just plain nice that it makes it a pleasure to sing for them. Thanks everybody who came out! I'll be there again on May 22 with Mark Shilansky and band, singing some new original songs.

West Valley College

Cool kids at West Valley College. Today went in and sang a few songs, played piano, and had a little Q&A session. Some really thoughtful questions and comments. That school is in such a beautiful natural setting I thought it was a resort at first. Thanks to Gus and everyone for making it happen!

Ockeghem? I don't even know him!

Having a fantastic time here in Stanford, California rehearsing with Cut Circle for the concert at Memorial Church on Wednesday. Hope you can make it! The music is from the 15th century, and it is POWERFUL. It makes 8 singers sound like an amplified guitar playing open 5ths with the amp turned up to 11.

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